Navigating brand destinations is never clear cut. It’s our job to join the dots and connect it to experiences that make the world go round.

Conventional Media

Inspiring Compelling Experiences and Reactions

MEAS has been growing brands in Cambodia conventionally since 2010. We continue that rich tradition with imaginative solutions to challenging perceptions and beliefs to make your brands relevant and remarkable because how your brand is perceived and accepted matters to us most.

That’s why we are passionate about creating – with the help of our dedicated industry professionals – ideas and activations that inspire emotional experiences and reactions at every traditional touchpoint.

From television to public relations, print, billboard, out-of-home advertising platforms and more, we have you comprehensively covered with proven realistic strategies and plans that work wonders.

Helping Shape Iconic Brands

Collaborating, learning and growing – It what we do with some of the nation and world’s most renowned global brands when conventional reach to audiences is required.

Digital Media

Driven by Purpose and Performance

In today’s digital world, elevating your brand’s perception and performance matters. It’s about reaching, influencing, connecting, nurturing perceptions and even changing the narrative when and if required.

At MEAS, we go to great lengths to understand your brand’s true purpose and making your journey to connecting with audiences more meaningful to become an integral part of their lives.

That’s why we bring the best digital talents together under one roof at MEAS to create visionary work that elevates your brand values to drive performance and make a difference in the marketplace.

Creating Purpose for Globally Recognizable Brands

Working across diverse digital channels and brand categories, we’re proud to help some of the world’s most recognizable brands find their purpose and platform to perform.