Citra Goat Milk Body Wash TVC


Goat milk body washes are very commons and abundant in Cambodian market. Audiences have difficulties differentiating between the different products because they hardly notice a differences.

As Citra has a well-established brand history and is well-known for its body lotion—a product appreciated for its effective natural ingredients—we decided to utilize Citra’s popularity for using natural ingredients, to stress the difference between Citra’s product and other goat milk body washes in the market.


Female audience tends to pay utmost attention to their physical appearance. They put a lot of consideration on personal care products and body wash is a must-have to them.

They often focus on the after-effect, skin brightening, good scent, and the safety of the ingredients (whether natural or not).


The campaign communicated “Natural formula goat milk body wash for 5x more brightening and aromatic scent” and included the production of a 15-second TVC that was cut down to different versions for digital usage.

Link to edit down version:

  1. Only choice Citra Goat Milk

  1. Confident Glow

  1. New Goat Milk “Ingredient”

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