Budweiser – BudxStreetwear


the brand runs the ‘Yours To Take’ campaign, which aims to empower the young
generation to pursue their passion even if it is against the norm.
Each up-and-coming creator featured in the campaign embodies one of Budweiser
audience’s passion points, including music, arts, fashion, sports.
Our task was to dig into and exploit the insights regarding youth and
tailor-fit the communication so that it would inspire Cambodian youngsters.


A significant number of Cambodian youth are in the process of finding motivation in life. Cambodian society tends to constrain youth from pursuing their dreams.
It can be the mindset, the job market, the access to knowledge or how much they can earn, thus making the first step the hardest to take.
Some haven’t even figured out what their passion is, some don’t know how to start, some are having their own inner struggle whether they should go for it or not.
Even though there are unlimited possibilities, the young ones still face difficulties in decision making to follow their own individual and being different from the crowd.
They need inspiration to spark the fire in them and encouragement to throw away whatever prevents them from staying true to themselves and going their own way.


Based on the insight, we localized the campaign to ‘The Step Is Yours To Take’ so that Budweiser can push young people to start taking the FIRST STEP in pursuing their passion.
The campaign took place both on digital and on-ground.

The campaign produced better than expected results, especially the launch event.

Launch video: https://youtu.be/prfNJaxCAi4

Launch event: https://www.facebook.com/BudweiserCambodia/posts/pfbid0zsx2P248WWxM8wCxvLEuZ7XDe9Gmwy2LNRA6jp6Mew1SBaJoc2rPdfj27ZJAWe5Dl

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