Knorr Khmer New Year


Khmer is a civilization that values the rich flavors of traditional home-cooked meals. However, with the fast-paced modern lifestyle, few can afford the time, energy or even skills to cook the traditional recipes; especially, for a traditional festival like the Khmer New Year.


KHMER NEW YEAR (KNY) is the biggest celebration in Khmer culture. KNY has always been a big festival for Cambodian people. Cooking and having meals with family are a very important part of the festive celebrations. Furthermore, offering food to the Buddhist monks is also a cultural ritual and is considered a good deed.

The dishes commonly cooked during this festival include Khmer Red Curry, Fried Glass Noodle, and Ansom (aka sticky rice cake).

However, not many people know the background story of these dishes, and a few are aware that those can be easily cooked with Knorr.

                                                   Knorr Khmer New Year 2022                                                                                               Knorr Khmer New Year 2023


The brand’s aim is to build a cultural relevancy to big festive events when consumers normally celebrate tradition and enjoy home-cooked seasonal dishes, sharing the big dining table with their family and relatives.


“Every dish has a story”, and it is “timeless”.

Knorr motivates and inspires a new generation of consumers to prepare traditional meals. However, when it comes to festive food being cooked, there is always a reason or a story behind it. It’s either a memorable reunion with family or the food is a favorite of one’s significant relatives. Thus, driving the line that “every dish has a story” allows Knorr to stay relevant regardless of the place and time.

At the same time, the campaign also engages consumers to participate as Knorr invites people to share their food stories. Everyone likely has their own interesting tale about food in their family. It could be all about a memorable moment in their lives where food played a central role.

To ensure a stronger involvement of the target audience we also included famous local influencers who entertained and persuaded their fans to join the campaign.

Link to KOL videos:

Jany Min:

San Kosamak:

Overall, the campaign turned out to be a success as our primary objective of building cultural relevance to KNY video was met. The campaign was well received, and consumers enjoyed participating by submitting photos of their food and sharing their food stories. Consumers also appreciated the possibility to win Knorr prizes during the holidays.

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