Wall’s Cornetto Love Rose Strawberry Cheese Cake Launch


With the imminent launch of Wall’s Cornetto Love Strawberry Cheesecake in early 2022, Wall’s wanted to create desirable hype over its latest ice cream creation targeted at young urban audiences with a launch and activation event.


While it’s common knowledge that ice cream makes you feel better, not everyone – including Cambodians – know that there is a strong emotional connection between ice cream, love and relationships.

Bringing the characteristic of ice-cream as a potent aphrodisiac into life, MEAS created a campaign that revolved around Cornetto’s Love Rose Strawberry Cheesecake as the protagonist to invite audiences to showcase their feelings towards one another.


Expressing The Language of Love

This enabled the campaign to evolve into a “Love Language” for Cornetto and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the launch was held at a park where mass audiences from teenagers to young working adults and families were welcomed to participate in expressing their feelings to their loved ones. Sampling was done on ground with positive feedback received from audiences while an exciting buzz at the most romantic time of the year was generated with much success for the brand.

V Building, 3rd Floor #33, Street 606, Sangkat Boeung Kork II, Khan Toul Kork Phnom Penh